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Black Swan - Vinyl

By: Jansch, Bert

Black Swan - Vinyl
VINYL NEW 2 available


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Originally found on Jansch''s final album of the same name, The Black Swan is featured here on a 7\" single, flanked by an early demo. The two songs are at parallels; where the demo shows the bare bones of the track (working title: ''Space Highway''), the finished article is something altogether more orchestral, with Helena Espvall''s (then of Espers) soaring cello providing a foil for Jansch''s supremely melodic refrain. Fans will surely be intrigued to see the process involved in the evolution of \"Black Swan\" - the paradox in the two versions each beautiful in it''s own way. Artwork again comes from Earth collaborator Hannah Alice, with her own interpretation of The Black Swan''s plumage. Remastered by Brian Pyle. Limited to 2000 worldwide.
  1. A1. the Black Swan
  2. B1. the Black Swan Demo

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