Showing Up / The Power Of The Vote - Vinyl


Showing Up / The Power Of The Vote - Vinyl
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Iconoclastic trailblazer Dave Douglas and Greenleaf Music. The trumpeter/ composer releases a collector''s 7'''' 33 RPM special edition disc featuring two tracks of exclusive new music, for the first time in retail - these piece are part of Greenleaf''s unique subscription series. Limited edition release (400 copies) includes two Douglas compositions dedicated to positive action: the lead track from 2019''s ENGAGE, ''''Showing Up'''' which features guitarist Jeff Parker and cellist Tomeka Reid. The B side is from 2018''s UPLIFT, ''''The Power of the Vote,'''' from the 2018 series UPLIFT that features Joe Lovano and Bill Laswell. A great introduction to this extraordinary music in a new format.
  1. Showing Up
  2. The Power of the Vote

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