Mainliner (wreckage From The Past) [lp] - Vinyl

By: Social Distortion

Mainliner (wreckage From The Past) [lp] - Vinyl
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Formed in 1979, Social Distortion have come to be known for their distinctive brand of hard rockabilly and punk that’s cut with frontman Mike Ness’ melodic lyrics, chronicling hard-luck tales of love, loss and lessons learned. This collection comprises early singles and B-sides originally released circa 1981 to 1983, including “1945,” “Moral Threat,” and the cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Under My Thumb.”
  1. 1945 (Posh Boy Version)
  2. Playpen (Posh Boy Version)
  3. Mainliner
  4. Moral Threat
  5. All The Answers
  6. Justice For All
  7. Under My Thumb
  8. 1945 (13th Floor Version)
  9. Playpen (13th Floor Version)
  10. Mass Hysteria

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