One Step Beyond, Volume 1 - Dvd

One Step Beyond, Volume 1 - Dvd
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Join host John Newland, your guide into the world of the unknown, in this classic TV series that aired in 1959. Based on unexplainable real life stories, we are taken beyond the five senses through dramatizations of supernatural happenings to everyday people.

Episode 1: A woman vanishes inside her vacation house after an argument with her husband. He is charged with murder and in his frantic search, uncovers a startling history to the house.

Episode 2: A woman claims her evil twin is setting fires in the neighboring towns, but her husband and police don''t believe it; her sister died when she was ten a house fire.

Episode 3: A New York artist witnesses a woman trying to kill herself in the hotel across from his apartment. The next night he sees the same thing happen again - same woman, same room.

Episode 4: On a battlefield in WWI, four French soldiers witness a blinding light in the sky and lay down their arms. At their court martial, they describe the vision and its impact.

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