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World War Ii With Walter Cronkite: War In Europe - Dvd

World War Ii With Walter Cronkite: War In Europe - Dvd
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3 DVD COLLECTIBLE EMBOSSED TIN! WWII was the largest and most destructive war ever waged on earth, engulfing every corner of the globe. Walter Cronkite, who first distinguished himself as a war correspondent on the front lines of this conflict, presents a stunning collection which chronicles WWII in Europe. FIlled with gripping combat footage, this collection takes you from the rise of the Nazi war machine to the celebrations on VE Day and the Nuremberg Trials. From the trenches to the skies, here is the story of the campaigns and the commanders, the horror and the heroism of WWII in Europe. This three DVD box set has been reproduced from the original 22 hour CBS News production of \"World War II with Walter Cronkite\" copyrighted in 1982.
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