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Tuning Mania - Dvd

Tuning Mania - Dvd
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Tuningmania is all tuning action from tiny tweaks to super suped up! Containing extensive and exciting selections from the worldwide Tuningmania television series, this 4-disc collection is the perfect addition to any car enthusiast''s video library.

In The Greece Special, explore the popular pastime of drifting. Travel to Germany in The Germany Special for an exclusive look at the \"Dub\" revolution. Scour Europe from Belgium to Portugal in European Special Events and check out some of the world''s best car events. Also, navigate the illuminated streets of Las Vegas and wander SEMA, the largest automotive show of its kind in Tuning Trends: The Essen Motor Show. Featuring street tuning, supertesting, power cars, drift battles, the hottest trends, and superb extras, this collection is a car lover''s dream!

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