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Devil''s Advocate / Insomnia (double Feature) - Dvd

Devil''s Advocate / Insomnia (double Feature) - Dvd
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Devil''s Advocate, The/Insomnia (DVD) (DBFE)

The Devil (Al Pacino) carries no pitchfork. From a Manhattan office tower, he runs the world''s most powerful law firm and hopes to land a new recruit: attorney Kevin Lomax (Keanu Reeves), who''s never lost a case. Power. Prestige. Sex. Lomax can have them all. But whatever the choice, there''ll be hell to pay in the rip-roaring The Devil''s Advocate [Side A], co-starring Charlize Theron and directed by Taylor Hackford. Crime never sleeps in Insomnia [Side B]. Neither does an L.A. homicide cop (Pacino). Sent to Alaska on a murder case, he finds his body clock disrupted by the Midnight Sun...and by a killer who plays tricks on his impaired judgment. Christopher Nolan guides a taut thriller that co-stars Robin Williams and Hilary Swank.

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