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The Drone Virus - Dvd

The Drone Virus - Dvd
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What If The Cure For Cancer Came With A Price?Stephen Roland (Billy Wirth - The Lost Boys) faces this horrifying dilemma in The Drone Virus a film by Damon O''Steen (29 Reasons to Run) based on the novel by Dr. Gerald Clarke.Jamie Roland (Talia-Lynn Prairie - The Cat in the Hat) has beaten neuroblastoma a terrifying childhood cancer. But when Jamie dies after an MRI scan at the famous St. Mark''s hospital no one will tell Stephen the truth. The MRI has malfunctioned other times killing other innocents other children but the company that created the scanner denies all responsibility.When Stephen appeals for an investigation tapping into evidence of the probability of a computer virus being the cause the hospital stonewalls him. Dr. Jameson (Michael Ensign - Titanic) the hospital''s powerful pathologist is especially determined to stop him. No one will dare help Stephen except Dr. Colleen O''Brian (Maeve Quinlan - The Bold and The Beautiful) a strikingly beautiful brilliant ambitious research physician profoundly affected by Jamie''s death. She assists Stephen as he digs deeper into the web of lies and deceit spun around the dangerous virus. As the pair gets closer to the truth life-long careers and human lives begin to crumble.Features:\"Making of Drone Virus\" DocumentaryInteractiveScene SelectionSystem Requirements:Run Time: 96 minsFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: SCI-FI/FANTASY Rating: NR UPC: 787364732999
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