Magnus Dominus Corpus - RSD 2017

By: M.d.c.

Magnus Dominus Corpus - RSD 2017
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For the first time on vinyl since it originally came out in 2004 Beer City Skateboards and Records is proud to bring you the political hardcore punk legends M.D.C.''s eighth full length; M.D.C.- Magnus Dominus Corpus! (The title is a Latin term taken from the returning Crusaders of the 13th century to term the intense hatred between the clashing Islamic and Christian cultures.)This contains the original full length restored and remastered for a louder, better sound then ever before. To top it all off only 1100 of these will be pressed for RSD 2017.
  1. Destroying the Planet
  2. Going Nowhere Faster Than You
  3. Founding Fathers
  4. Poseur Punk
  5. Let''s Kill All the Cops
  6. Life, But How to Live It
  7. Prime Evil
  8. Time Out
  9. Girls Like You Make Me Queer
  10. Sleep a Little Less, Dream a Little More
  11. Walking on Thin Ice
  12. No More Cops
  13. Long Day, Short Life
  14. Timmy Yo
  15. Nazis Shouldn''t Drive
  16. Sick of It
  17. Prick Faced Bastard
  18. Ballad of G.W

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