Live In Denton Tx - RSD 2015

By: Midlake

Live In Denton Tx - RSD 2015
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12" vinyl with DVD concert film recorded at Dan''s Silverleaf in the band''s hometown of Denton, Texas. Directed by Jason Lee and Eric Noren. TRACKLIST: 12" Vinyl Side A: The Old and the Young (Live in Denton, TX), Antiphon (KDHX Session) Side B: Roscoe (Live in Denton, TX), It''s Going Down (KDHX Session) DVD: 1. Young Bride 2. We Gathered in Spring 3. Antiphon 4. Provider 5. Ruler, Ruling All Things 6. The Courage of Others 7. Kingfish Pies 8. Balloon Maker 9. It''s Going Down 10. Aurora Gone 11. The Old and The Young 12. Roscoe 13. Provider Reprise 14. Van Occupanther 15. Head Home
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