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Every Everything & Some Something RSD 2014

By: Grant Hart

Every Everything & Some Something RSD 2014
VINYL NEW 2 available


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Vinyl and DVD packaged together exclusively for RSD. The DVD is a brand new, bold documentary of Husker Du's Grant Hart soberly analyzing the 1980s while rummaging around in its soul. It all comes out with rare archival and new footage, told by an articulate, alienated and ill-tempered chronicler. The vinyl includes a collection of Grant's finest, with several rare and unreleased tracks.
  1. Now That You Know Me
  2. Roller Rink, Wheels
  3. California Zephyr
  4. Ballad #19
  5. Charles Hollis Jones
  6. Khalid
  7. Little Nemo
  8. Nobody Rides for Free

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