Andre Nickatina: Rsd Exclusive Lp - RSD 2017

By: Andre Nickatina

Andre Nickatina: Rsd Exclusive Lp - RSD 2017
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This self-titled album shows Andre Nickatina at his finest and most pure. Originally released in 2013 after a three year musical hiatus, the album features Richie Rich, Krayzie Bone, Problem, 100''s Mac Mall, Clyde Carson, Messy Marv and more. 01 Break Bread (feat. Richie Rich) 02 Ho''Lat (feat. Krayzie Bone) 03 Speed Ball 04 Candy Paint (feat. 100''s & Mac Mall) 05 Call The Dealer 06 Bobble Heads (feat. Black C) 07 Peppermint 08 Drought Season 09 Henny All Gone (feat. Clyde Carson) 10 Timex Ticker 11 Laugh So Serious 12 S.G.B. (feat. Messy Marv) 13 Butta P-Khan 14 Deep (feat. Family Bidness) 15 Alpha (feat. Krushadelic) 16 The Banger (feat. Livewire) 17 Bonus (feat. Pimpton)
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