Will You Find Me RSD 2016

By: Ida

Will You Find Me RSD 2016
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To celebrate the 15-Year Anniversary of Ida’s classic album Will You Find Me, this gorgeous record is being re-issued as a deluxe 2xLP in expanded packaging, including a gatefold jacket and lyric insert. Will You Find Me is sad, pretty, hope-filled, exquisitely crafted, and utterly haunting. - Will Hermes, Entertainment Weekly [A] [The songs on Will You Find Me are] like the whispers of uncertain lovers in a perpetual dance of vulnerability and assurance, parting and reconciliation - Jon Pareles, The New York Times
  1. Down On Your Back
  2. Maybelle
  3. This Water
  4. Shrug
  5. The Radiator
  6. Shotgun
  7. Turn Me On
  8. Man In Mind
  9. Past The Past
  10. Georgia
  11. Triptych
  12. Firefly
  13. Encantada
  14. Don''t Get Sad

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