Viewfinder RSD 2015


Viewfinder RSD 2015
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Limited to 1,000 copies worldwide Viewfinder was Pullman''s second album originally released in 2001. The vinyl edition has been out of print for well over a decade. This 2015 re-issue for Record Store Day is pressed on virgin vinyl and presented in a jacket that fully replicates the original art. Included for the first time is a free download card. The vinyl edition of Viewfinder contains an entire side of bonus material that has never been available on the CD or digital versions. For this album Pullmanwas Doug McCombs (Tortoise, Eleventh Dream Day, Brokeback), Bundy K. Brown (Tortoise, Directions In Music), Chris Brokaw (Come, Codeine), Curtis Harvey (Rex), and Tim Barnes (The Tower Recordings).
  1. Same Grain With New Wood
  2. Delta One
  3. Or, Otherwise
  4. Forty Fingers
  5. FLT
  6. Hatah
  7. Isla Mujeres
  8. Chicken Smoked Blanket
  9. Bookends
  10. Felucca
  11. Quantum Mechanic
  12. Narrow Canyon
  13. Street Light
  14. Wire and One Good Shoe
  15. Brewster Road

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