Best Of Gallagher RSD 2015 Vinyl

By: Gallagher

Best Of Gallagher RSD 2015 Vinyl
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Record Store Day 2015 Picture Disc - Best of Gallagher
Gallagher is an American comedian and icon, most popularly known for ridiculous insights, giant, whimsical props, and (of course) smashing watermelons. One of the fathers of "prop comedy," Gallagher is probably best known for his signature "Sledge-o-Matic" bit, in which he demolishes watermelons (and other objects) with a sledgehammer after imparting the audience with his insightful jokes and folky wisdom. Gallagher has been performing stand-up comedy for over 40 years, remaining wildly popular from the ‘70s through to today. Experience the weird and wild hilarity of Gallagher in this carefully crafted, hand-picked compilation of his most outrageous and hilarious performances.
  1. Stuck In The 60s
  2. Freedom
  3. Ask Questions
  4. Thinking About Stuff
  5. DeLorean''s Cocaine
  6. Cats
  7. Gallagher For President
  8. So Many Pretenders
  9. Words Of Wisdom
  10. Save The Whales
  11. Polish Jokes
  12. A Sex Show
  13. Dumb Things
  14. My Ideas
  15. Women Can''t Keep A Secret
  16. Television Is Dumb
  17. Companies Think We''re Idiots
  18. More Words Of Wisdom

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