Big Bad Wolves RSD 2015 Vinyl


Big Bad Wolves RSD 2015 Vinyl
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Big Bad Wolves Record Store Day 2015 Pressed on Pink Vinyl!
Original score by Frank Ilfman. Original cover art by We Buy Your Kids. Sleeve notes by Directors Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado. One off pressing for Record Store Day 2015. Gatefold Sleeve. Pink & white swirl vinyl with red splatter. "Death Waltz Recording Company is proud to release an immediate classic of contemporary film scoring in the guise of Frank Ilfman''s score to the Israeli thriller BIG BAD WOLVES. Acclaimed worldwide and called "the best film of 2013" by Quentin Tarantino, the film is a heady and disturbing treatise on violence and the use of torture as a schoolteacher is kidnapped after being suspected of murdering a little girl. Horrific twists and turns follow in a grim tale that you won''t find easy to forget. What stands out immediately is Ilfman''s very classical approach to the music. The main theme is beautiful, with searching strings and woodwind counterpoint, and a sense of hope. But there''s a sinister undercurrent, giving a sense of inevitability. The percussion has a harsh and jagged edge and provides violence, but there''s a sense of humour in Ilfman''s music, at one point imitating Prokofiev''s ''Peter and the Wolf'' suite. It''s a menacing piece of work, emotionally intense yet surprisingly beautiful, with the composer not going for what you''d perhaps expect, and the main theme just keeps coming back, relentless, searching. It''s an amazing work that has earned it''s plaudits. Of course, if you don''t like it, be careful who you tell. It''s a harsh world out there
  1. Big Bad Wolves: Main Theme
  2. Hide and Seek: Opening Titles
  3. The March
  4. Scream for Me
  5. The Chair of Horror
  6. The Phone Call
  7. The Chase
  8. Help Me
  9. Saved By the Bell
  10. A Story About a Little Girl
  11. Hammer and Bones
  12. Man Rides a Horse
  13. The Truth Will Set You Free
  14. The Green House
  15. Now Talk

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