Star Trek: RSD 2019 - Vinyl


Star Trek: RSD 2019 - Vinyl
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The relaunch of the Star Trek franchise in 2009 under J.J. Abrams was an astounding success, earning almost 400 million at the box office. The composing duties were turned over to Michael Giacchino, then know mostly for his Abrams TV work on Alias and Lost. The album was a success, moving almost 100k copies in the U.S. alone across CD and digital downloads. This is the first time the album has been made available on LP. Giacchino is the composer on the current Jurassic Park films, The Incredibles, Coco, Spider-man and Dr. Strange. It is the only Star Trek title from the rebooted franchise which has not appeared on vinyl, despite being the most successful of the films.
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