Life Of A Kid In The Ghetto RSD 2019 - Vinyl


Life Of A Kid In The Ghetto RSD 2019 - Vinyl
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  • edition of 1,200
  • reissued on vinyl for the first time since 1991
  • Ed O.G. and Da Bulldogs 1991 debut "Life Of A Kid In The Ghetto" runs the gamut from the introspective conscious hip-hop of "Be A Father To Your Child", to the whimsical boasts of "I''m Different", to deeply political fare like the Ace & Quan and Def Jef-featuring "Speak Upon It", plastered across a backdrop of Joe Mansfield-produced sample-heavy soundscapes which snatched clips from deep cuts of James Brown, Roy Ayers, and The Delfonics, to name just a few. It also managed to generate Billboard-charting singles out of tracks like "Bug-A-Boo", "Be A Father To Your Child", and "I Got To Have It", which would become Ed O.G.''s signature track, and sample fodder for 2Pac, De La Soul, and DJ Premier.
  • music label: Get On Down 2019
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