Offend Maggie RSD 2016 Vinyl

By: Deerhoof

Offend Maggie RSD 2016 Vinyl
NEW 1 available


Record Store Day 2016 Vinyl release. Previously out of print. First Deerhoof album to feature guitarist Ed Rodriguez. White vinyl in gatefold jacket with download code. Limited to 2500. New sequence by drummer Greg Saunier.
  1. Fresh Born
  2. Snoopy Waves
  3. This Is God Speaking
  4. Buck and Judy
  5. The Tears and Music of Love
  6. Offend Maggie
  7. Basket Ball Get Your Groove Back
  8. Family of Others
  9. My Purple Past
  10. Jagged Fruit
  11. Eaguru Guru
  12. Chandelier Searchlight
  13. Numina O
  14. Don''t Get Born

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