The Old New Me / Times Like This RSD 2015 Vinyl

By: Slim Dunlap

The Old New Me / Times Like This RSD 2015 Vinyl
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Record Store Day 2015 Vinyl - Limited Edition Remastered - Includes Slim guitar pick, 45 adapter and poster! All proceeds go to the Slim Dunlap Fund.
Slim Dunlap is best known for being lead guitarist of The Replacements (1987-1991) but his musical pedigree runs far beyond. He’s been in countless bands, an in-demand guitarist on the Minneapolis scene for decades and has toured extensively with his own band. Uncommonly original, the songs on his two critically acclaimed solo albums run the gamut from rockers to ballads to eccentric but, above all else, they’re loaded with heart. Tragically, Slim suffered a severe stroke in 2012 that has left him partially paralyzed, unable to swallow and very frail. He will require around the clock care for the rest of his life. All proceeds from the sales of this package will go to the Slim Dunlap Fund to help with his medical expenses. New West is proud to release these albums on vinyl for the first time as a double set for Record Store Day 2015.
Disc: 1
  1. Rockin Here Tonight
  2. Just For The Hell Of It
  3. Isn''t It?
  4. Partners In Crime
  5. Taken On The Chin
  6. From The Git Go
  7. Busted Up
  8. Ain''t Exactly Good
  9. The King & Queen
  10. The Ballad Of The Opening Band
  11. Love Lost

Disc: 2
  1. Not Yet / Ain''t No Fair (In A Rock ''N'' Roll Love Affair)
  2. Girlfiend
  3. Hate This Town
  4. Little Shiva''s Song
  5. Jungle Out There
  6. Cozy
  7. Cooler Then
  8. Chrome Lipstick
  9. Nowheres Near
  10. Radio Hook Word Hit
  11. Times Like This
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