Kingdom Of Lost Souls RSD 2015 Vinyl


Kingdom Of Lost Souls RSD 2015 Vinyl
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Black Friday Record Store Day 2015 Vinyl - Limited Edition Ccolored Vinyl - Includes Digital Download of the Record.
Formed by Ken Olden (WORLDS COLLIDE, BATTERY, BETTER THAN A THOUSAND) and Mike McTernan (WHEN TIGERS FIGHT) in 1993, Kingdom of Lost Souls was the second full-length album and Revelation Records debut released in 1998. Brutally honest and compelling lyrics with a vocal style that can only be described as apocalyptic, the overwhelming production, the matured, dynamic songwriting and the nightmarish lyrics and vocals make this record a truly exhausting listening experience.
  1. Kingdom of Lost Souls
  2. Fallacies
  3. Turn Into Ghosts
  4. Give Me a Reason
  5. In the Flesh
  6. All My Life
  7. The Mortal
  8. Climbing and Climbing
  9. Wait for a Day
  10. Circles

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