Data Panik Etcetera RSD 2014 Vinyl


Data Panik Etcetera RSD 2014 Vinyl
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The influential and ever underrated Glasgow, Scotland trio return with "data Panik etcetera" - a release that brings us up to date with recordings from the year spent re-branded at data Panik, alongside other aborted attempts to record a 4th, and definitive, bis album. Hardcore fans have been desperate to get their hands on these recordings, and the band have carefully selected and remastered the pick of the bunch - which sit neatly together to create a cohesive whole. The band have still been playing storming sets live over the last few years, surprising punters at places such as Primavera in Barcelona and 2013''s Indietracks Festival as headliner and new material has crept into the set-list. Consider this a friendly catch-up before bis begin again where they left off.
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