Shattered Cattle RSD 2014 - Vinyl


Shattered Cattle RSD 2014 - Vinyl
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Autistic Behavior was formed in 1980 from the doldrums of summer heat by three bored Great Adventure employees who shared similar outcast status as enthusiasts of the Punk/New Wave music scene. Fleshed out into a 4-piece unit with another like-minded oddball from a nearby county they strived to create their unique sound. All initially inspired by the SEX PISTOLS, they found a common love of groups like THE BUZZCOCKS, MAGAZINE, THE CLASH, THE DAMNED, X-RAY SPEX, PIL and THE STRANGLERS to name a handful. They frequented rare punk stores in the area and saw many great bands in Trenton at King Tut''s "City Gardens" as well as the more established clubs in Philly and New York, they set their sights on making their own music based on the intense information they were receiving outside the mainstream. From their first gig at City Gardens with DELTA 5, they went on to share the stage w/ STIV BATORS, BLACK FLAG, S.O.A., BEASTIE BOYS, ZERO BOYS, TSOL, DEAD KENNEDYS, D.O.A., MINOR THREAT, TOXIC REASONS, FLIPPER, BAD BRAINS and more. The band lasted a few years in between the sporadic gigs, recording first in ''81 and again in ''82, with only two songs ever surfacing on the infamous Philly hardcore compilation, "Get Off Our Backs". a planned release on Alternative Tentacles never materialized and the group disbanded. Now for the first time ever, in celebration of Record Store Day, 32 years in the making SRA Records is releasing Shattered Cattle on limited edition, multi-colored album w/ lyric sheet/photo collage. Hear for the first time un-released classic punk tunes like "Trapped in a Fad", "Blind Silence", "Risk of Infection", "Killer Forces", and "AB Scam" along-side "TV Messiah" and "Powerhead" which are now re-mixed and re-mastered.

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