Impressions In Rhythm & Sound RSD16 Vinyl

By: Armando Sciascia

Impressions In Rhythm & Sound RSD16 Vinyl
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In celebration of Record Store Day, The Roundtable and The Omni Recording Corporation present: Never before commercially available, 1970''s ''Impressions In Rhythm And Sound'' is a subterranean monster-piece of psychedelic funk and avant sound construction. Hand-crafted by renowned composer for exotic and erotic cinema Armando Sciascia in his bespoke Vedette Studio, the LP''s delirious instrumental concoction of pounding drums, supple bass, distorted piano, phased harpsichord, distressed organ and searing fretwork is a unique and lysergic Milanese trip. A clear predecessor to Sciascia''s legendary 1971 heavy psyche ''Blue Phantom - Distortions'' LP, classic (and much bootlegged) tracks like the astounding ''Circuito Chiuso'' feature in their first ever official reissue.
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