Good Boy! - Dvd

Good Boy! - Dvd
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Get your paws on this \"irresistible\" (The Philadelphia Inquirer) family adventure starring Molly Shannon, Liam Aiken and Kevin Nealon! Featuring a hilarious four-legged cast A\"aY\" with voices by Matthew Broderick, Delta Burke, Donald Faison, Cheech Marin, Brittany Murphy, Vanessa Redgrave and Carl Reiner A\"aY\" this heartwarming tale is a \"furry romp that both kids and parents can laugh at together\" (The Seattle Times)! Twelve-year-old Owen (Aiken) has a new dog, Hubble (Broderick), who can not only sit, stay and roll over he can also speak A\"aY\" literally! Turns out Hubble is an interplanetary agent from the dog star Sirius. Now Owen is about to discover that Hubble and all his canine buddies are on a mission to rule the world!
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