Star Trek V - The Final Frontier - Dvd

Star Trek V - The Final Frontier - Dvd
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Movie critic Roger Ebert summed it up very succinctly: \"Of all of the \"Star Trek\" movies, this is the worst.\" Subsequent films in the popular series have done nothing to disprove this opinion; we can be grateful that they''ve all been significantly better since this film was released in 1989. After Leonard Nimoy scored hits with \"Star Trek III\" and \"IV\", William Shatner used his contractual clout (and bruised ego) to assume directorial duties on this mission, in which a rebellious Vulcan (Laurence Luckinbill) kidnaps Federation officials in his overzealous quest for the supreme source of creation. That''s right, you heard it correctly: \"Star Trek V\" is about a crazy Vulcan''s search for God. By the time Kirk, Spock, and their Federation cohorts are taken to the Great Barrier of the galaxy, this journey to \"the final future\" has gone from an embarrassing prologue to an absurd conclusion, with a lot of creaky plotting in between. Of course, die-hard Trekkies will still allow this movie into their video collections; but they''ll only watch it when nobody else is looking. After this humbling experience, Shatner wisely relinquished the director''s chair to \"Star Trek II\"''s Nicholas Meyer. \"--Jeff Shannon\"
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