Murray Street [vinyl] - Vinyl

By: Sonic Youth

Murray Street [vinyl] - Vinyl
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SONIC YOUTH have turned 21 years of age 2002. The apprenticeship is over. They are now legal to fully rock on. Murray Street is where it gets interesting. The name comes from the street where Sonic Youth create rock''n''roll. This album was written by Sonic Youth with newest member JIM O''ROURKE, who helped engineer and did the mixing under the watchful eye and baffling behavior of the original SY members. Packaged in a gatelfold sleeve with a cover photograph taken by Monique, of two children secured by webbing, at one with goddess earth, and inside photography by Milanese lensman Stefano Giovaninni.
  1. Empty Page
  2. Disconnection Notice
  3. Rain on Tin
  4. Karen Revisited
  5. Radical Adults Lick Godhead Style
  6. Plastic Sun
  7. Sympathy for the Strawberry

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