Horror Express - Dvd

Horror Express - Dvd
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Ride the Horror Express with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee as turn-of-the-century monster-hunters. In the early 1900s, anthropologist Alexander Saxton (Christopher Lee) unearths in China what he believes to be the scientific find of the new century: the centuries-old frozen body of a gigantic ape-like man, a veritable \"missing link.\" Booking a ticket on the train back to Europe with his crated-up, but still very healthy discovery, he joins an international group of passengers on a nightmarish adventure aboard the Horror Express, including a game of discovery with rival scientist Dr. Wells (Peter Cushing). A relentlessly entertaining cult favorite, \"Horror Express\" is the best 1970s pairing of genre stalwarts Cushing and Lee, this time as reluctant comrades forced to combat a diabolical creature bent on human destruction.
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