White Trash Gatherings

By: Morris, Kendra

White Trash Gatherings
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With a respectful nod to Ernie Mickler’s original WHITE TRASH COOKING, Kendra Bailey Morris pulls open the back door of her Granny Boohler’s kitchen to chronicle the next generation of cookin’ and socializin’ the Southern white trash way. Bubbling over with treasured family recipes, entertaining ideas, and crafty décor suggestions, WHITE TRASH GATHERINGS has the perfect dish for every occasion, whether it’s potlucking, just havin’ ‘em ovah, headin’ home for the holidays, or creating a holy gatherin’ from scratch. Next time the kin sets down to Sunday supper, serve it West Virginia style, and make sure there’s plenty, ‘cause when Maw Maw and Paw Paw come from down ‘round Possum Hollow, they’ll be expecting to leave with a belly-full.


Pages: 166

Condition: Like New

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