The Amazon: River Of The Sun [blu-ray] - Blu-ray

The Amazon: River Of The Sun [blu-ray] - Blu-ray
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Equator is an epic production - capturing every detail in High Definition - that takes viewers on a 40,000-kilometre odyssey chasing the sun to some of the most extreme and diverse locations on the planet. The equator is not only the line that divides the Earth in two - it''s also a line of life and a powerful force of nature, where the pace of evolution quickens. The equator covers only five per cent of the Earth''s surface, but is home to 50 per cent of its animal and plant species. The equator is a species factory. Equatorial animals live constantly in warm, humid surroundings. Life is good; they can breed all year round. But the downside of such abundance is that these creatures must compete and fight for survival with half of all the species on Earth. Equator explores exactly how and why animals and plants grow faster, bigger - and stranger - here than anywhere else. Just as humanity evolved under the glare of the equatorial sun on the East African savannah, it''s no accident that many \"hot spots\" of biological significance occur along the equator. The equatorial sun is the most powerful source of energy on Earth - a force that reaches well beyond the equatorial band itself. As it beats down on the oceans, moist air rises on such a large scale that it generates the trade winds and great ocean currents that energize life on distant parts of the globe.

Equator: \"Rivers of the Sun\" The mighty Amazon River is the lifeblood of the jungle. For half a year, freshwater fish flourish in floodwaters that rise among the trees and then, as the waters retreat, these fish face a six-month drought. The enduring Amazon is both a time capsule for ancient animals and a hothouse for the evolution of new species.

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