Felicity - An American Girl Adventure - Dvd

Felicity - An American Girl Adventure - Dvd
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The doll you love comes home on DVD in a full-length, live-action movie. Felicity: An American Girl Adventure has all the joy, excitement and you-are-there history of the best-selling books about Felicity Merriman, a spirited girl growing up in Virginia in the years just before the American Revolution. Nine-year-old Felicity (Shailene Woodley) knows she''s supposed to stay quietly indoors doing \"sitting-down kinds of things.\" But she yearns for the freedom of the outdoors...and especially for the adventure of riding horses. Then she meets a beautiful, copper-colored mare who''s mistreated by her cruel owner. When Felicity tries to rescue the horse she calls Penny, she learns valuable lessons about loyalty, responsibility and independence.

DVD Features:
Featurette:Featurette on the American Girl Hospital Behind-the-Scenes documentary

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