Love Child - Dvd

Love Child - Dvd
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It''s a story that made national headlines and was covered on 60 Minutes. Convicted and jailed for armed robbery in 1977, Terry Jean Moore fell in love with a prison guard and became pregnant. She then took on Florida courts in a historic legal battle to keep and raise her child behind bars. Amy Madigan made her movie debut as Moore in a performance called \"riveting\" by Gene Shalit of NBC-TV''s Today and \"fine and affecting\" by Carrie Rickey of The Village Voice. Ultimate praise for the future Field of Dreams and Places in the Heart co-star came from Moore herself: \"It was me there, it really was.\" Beau Bridges as the guard, Mackenzie Phillips as a fellow inmate and Margaret Whitton as Moore''s attorney give strong support in a movie that rings with truth - and moves with its simple and direct power.
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