The Last Days Of Patton / Escape From Sobibor - Dvd

The Last Days Of Patton / Escape From Sobibor - Dvd
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The Last Days of PattonGeorge C. Scott reprises his Oscar winning role of General George S. Patton, one of the most controversial military leaders of World War II. After fighting across the bloody terrain of Europe, the General has now been put in charge of rebuilding Bavaria. After a freak auto accident with paralyzing results, Patton must now fight for his life in a struggle greater than any battlefield he has ever faced. The Last Days of Patton.completes the story of the rise and fall of one of America''s greatest and most well known warriors and makes a great addition to any wartime film library.Escape from SobiborThis docudrama, starring the award winning Alan Arkin, is based on the true story of the mass prisoner escape from the Nazi death camp known as Sobibor. The SS had taken away all the possessions of the prisoners, but could not take away their determination to live and survive. Once the horrible secrets of the camp are revealed, the prisoners unite with the Russian POWs led by International star Rutger Hauer. The plan to escape is set in motion with military effectiveness and precision. Filled with edge of your seat action and suspense, Escape from Sobibor shows both the highest and lowest moments of the human spirit and is a perfect addition for schools and history buffs everywhere!
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