Takin'' Off [lp] - Vinyl

By: Hancock, Herbie

Takin'' Off [lp] - Vinyl
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On his debut album TakinY OffYrecorded and released in 1962Yjazz legend Herbie Hancock arrived fully formed at the helm of an impressive quintet with trumpeter Freddie Hubbard, tenor saxophonist Dexter Gordon, bassist Butch Warren, and drummer Billy Higgins. Though rooted firmly in hard bop, the brilliant pianist and composer presented his own strikingly original voice on this 6-song album consisting entirely of his own compositions from the funky hit YWatermelon ManY to the timeless ballad YAlone and I.Y Available on 180g vinyl.
  1. Watermelon Man (Side A)
  2. Three Bags Full (Side A)
  3. Empty Pockets (Side A)
  4. The Maze (Side B)
  5. Driftin'' (Side B)
  6. Alone And I (Side B)

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