The Gunfighters 4 Movie Pack - Dvd

The Gunfighters 4 Movie Pack - Dvd
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Fistful of Lead The legend of Sartana continues with this action-packed Western Classic. The action will blow you away with its incredible stunts and quick-draw firepower. Sartana a relentless bounty hunter tracks his prey but discovers a greater challenge when a missing shipment of gold crosses his path. Suddenly the blood flies and the bodies drop. When the dust clears Sartana''s confronted by his old friendly nemesis Sabbath. With Sartana attired in black and Sabbath dressed in white the stage is set as the two square off in a gun blazing showdown that guarantees A FISTFUL OF LEAD!Runtime: 92 minutesGunfighters TheThe Everet brothers join forces with the Martin gang to challenge and undermine an evil but powerful land owner Drake Turner (George Kennedy) who has built his empire by stealing from local land owners living in his territory. Turner sets out to rid himself of this gang of vigilantes who promise to make his life miserable. Wrongly accused of crimes they didn''t commit the gunfighters take to the rail to hide out from the Pinkersons who have been hired to track down these so-called \"outlaws.\" They were victims of justice whose only crime was to fight for what they had.Runtime: 95 minutesCry Blood Apache A gang of gold-hungry cowboys slaughters a small band of Apaches. During the massacre an Indian woman promises to lead them to a hidden gold mine if they will spare her life. As they journey to the mine they are pursued by the only surviving warrior. They soon discover that Apache revenge is painful slow and fatal!Runtime: 80 minutesTerritorial Men \"Territorial Men\" is a family story of pioneer life in the tradition of \"Little House on the Prairie.\" The story focuses on Sara Yarnell (Brenda Vacarro) a young and independent school teacher in the Colorado Territory in the late 1800s. Sara becomes involved with Charles Harrington (Sam Groom) a rich businessman from Boston planning to create a large cattle operation in the territory
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