Danger Beneath The Sea [slim Case] - Dvd

Danger Beneath The Sea [slim Case] - Dvd
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When a North Korean nuclear missile test misfires, one of America''s elite attack subs, the USS Lansing, gets caught in the wake. The blast knocks out all of the sub''s communication, leaving the crew paranoid that an all-out war is taking place above the surface. When the captain (Casper Van Dien) isn''t convinced and demands more proof, the second in command convinces the crew to declare mutiny and proceeds to ready the ship for a nuclear attack.

At the US Navel Submarine Command, Admiral Justice (Gerald McRaney) sends a destroyer sub to investigate the Lansing''s fate. When the destroyer reports the Lansing''s silo doors are open and ready to fire, the destroyer is ordered to fire on the Lansing. After the first torpedo blast rattles the Lansing''s hull, the captain and a few loyal crewmembers realize they must retake command of the sub before the reckless second in command obliterates an innocent country.

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