Indoor Living (reissue) - Vinyl

By: Superchunk

Indoor Living (reissue) - Vinyl
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Cover: VG+

Indoor Living
is about domestication: The taming and training of human beings to inhabit each others'' lives, during which a certain amount of blood is spilled. But anyone can write a break-up record, anyone can color in a broken heart all black. It takes a more sophisticated eye to find the light and perfect moments that happen even when we wish they didn''t, and Indoor Living is a scrapbook of those moments.
  1. Unbelievable Things
  2. Burn Last Sunday
  3. Marquee
  4. Watery Hands
  5. Nu Bruises
  6. Every Single Instinct
  7. Song for Marion Brown
  8. The Popular Music
  9. Under Our Feet
  10. European Medicine
  11. Martinis on the Roof

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