The Winter Of Mixed Drinks [vinyl] - Vinyl

By: Frightened Rabbit

The Winter Of Mixed Drinks [vinyl] - Vinyl
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With their sophomore outing The Midnight Organ Fight a fixture on 2008''s Best Of The Year circuit, a fanbase increasing in both size and devotion, and multiple sold-out tours of ever-larger venues under their belts, Glasgow-based Frightened Rabbit are releasing their third LP to towering expectations. The Winter Of Mixed Drinks a collection of ambitious, moving, and gloriously accomplished songs more than meets this challenge.
  1. Things
  2. Swim Until You Can t See Land
  3. The Loneliness And The Scream
  4. The Wrestle
  5. Skip The Youth
  6. Nothing Like You
  7. Man/Bag Of Sand
  8. Foot Shooter
  9. Not Miserable
  10. Living In Colour
  11. Yes, I Would
Cover: VG+
LP: M-
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