Freaks Of Araby [vinyl] - Vinyl


Freaks Of Araby [vinyl] - Vinyl
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Vinyl LP pressing. 2009 release from the acclaimed guitarist. The Freak of Araby is a new direction for our distinguished gentleman, and just in the nick of time as well. Sir Rick''s had it up to here with solo acoustic guitar records! the Freak of Araby isn''t even a solo record! And there''s no acoustic guitar on it! So let''s have no more of this kind of talk. Drag City.
  1. Taqasim for Omar
  2. Enta Omri
  3. Barbary
  4. Solenzara
  5. The Pillars of Baalbek
  6. Kaddak el Mayass
  7. Essaouira
  8. Ka''an Azzaman
  9. Sidi Mansour
  10. Blood-Stained Sands
Cover: VG+
Lp: M-
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