Last Secrets [vinyl] - Vinyl


Last Secrets [vinyl] - Vinyl
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The third album from this Chicago band contains thirteen songs clocking in at thirty-six minutes. "Amanda and Joe Ziemba are a married rock duo who''ll never be as big as The White Stripes but have a better sweater drawer. Joe sings punk, Amanda sings pretty, finishing each other''s lines" - Spin. "The songs are played with go-for-broke ferocity: Joe tears at the syllables, Amanda crushes the beats, and yet the melodies never melt despite the heated environs. The songs are as sturdy and resilient as the characters in Ziemba''s narratives. Hanging on for dear life as the world blitzes past in two-minute bursts" - Chicago Tribune. "The Ziembas never sound like just two people: they play tight power-pop as if they had an extra person or two. In fact, they sound closer to The Spinanes than to The White Stripes, and closer still to twice-their-size groups like Weezer" - Pitchfork.
  1. The Hell with This Whole Affair
  2. For Money or Love
  3. Cold, Cold
  4. Spell It Out
  5. Some Closure
  6. All the Wrong Reasons
  7. Dead Eyes
  8. Obviously Desperate
  9. Writhe Like You Mean It
  10. Something Fell Through
  11. Almost Said Yes
  12. Hard Stress, Soft Skin
  13. Inner Fantasies
Cover: VG+
LP: M-
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