Razorlight [vinyl] - Vinyl

By: Razorlight

Razorlight [vinyl] - Vinyl
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2006 vinyl LP pressing of this sophomore album, the follow up to 2004''s successful Up All Night album. 10 tracks including the cracking single ''In The Morning'' plus ''Kirby''s House'' (as featured on the album Warchild: Help - A Day In The Life). Universal.
  1. In The Morning
  2. Who Needs Love
  3. Hold On
  4. America
  5. Before I Fall To Pieces
  6. I Can''t Stop This Feeling I''ve Got
  7. Pop Song 2006
  8. Kirby''s House
  9. Back To The Start
  10. Los Angeles Waltz
Cover: VG+
Lp: VG+
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