5-movie Defenders Of The Galaxy Collection - Dvd

5-movie Defenders Of The Galaxy Collection - Dvd
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The Adventures of Chris Fable
In this post-apocalyptic fantasy adventure, Chris Fable leaves behind his life as a thief to journey to the city where his father lives using his Bible as a guide. Along the way, Chris meets a variety of eccentric characters who teach him valuable lessons in trust and faith.

Phantom Town
When their parents go missing, Mike, Arnie and Cindy Reeves trace their steps to a strange ghost town called Long Hand, where the citizens are a little too eerie for their liking.

Planet Patrol
A team of cosmo crime-fighters take on the evil Lord Doom as he tries to escape the confines of the Dark Planet.

When Alex Brown''s ex-spy parents are kidnapped by a Cold War villain, he must combine his hand-me-down spy knowledge with his newfound ability to shapeshift in this action-packed sci-fi adventure.

Teen Task Force
Andrew receives a new computer game from his online girlfriend, Valerie. But when he discovers that it''s actually a dangerous weapon, he and his friends must rescue Valerie from the evil game developers.
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