Cheaper By The Dozen - Dvd

Cheaper By The Dozen - Dvd
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This colorful depiction of life in a family of 12 children stars Clifton Webb as Frank Bunker Gilbreth, an eccentric father who prides himself on some truly unorthodox child-rearing methods. Based on the bestseller by two children of the real Mr. Gilbreth, this charming film co-starring Myrna Loy is \"alive with big laughs\" (Los Angeles Times).

Narrated by the oldest daughter (Jeanne Crain), the story follows a series of family crises over the years: from how the children over-whelmed their new school''s administration office, to the time they threw a hospital into chaos when they arrived for a mass tonsillectomy. There''s even a memorable encounter with a birth control advocate. Simultaneously hilarious and sentimental, \"Cheaper by the Dozen is a family comedy in the truest sense.

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