East L.a. Warriors - Dvd

East L.a. Warriors - Dvd
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The gangs of East L.A. are caught up in bitter rivalry and endless warfare. Only Chesare (Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs)-the city''s most profitable drug dealer-has power over them all. To incite conflict amongst the gangs, Chesare hosts a version of gladiator games in which the gangbangers battle to the death. Now, the drug lord''s sworn enemy, Aurelo (Tony Bravo), a former Lobos warrior, and his protege Paulo (Kamar Reyes), have joined forces to make a stand against Chesare with the hope of ending his reign of power. At Chesare''s next gladiator match, East L.A.''s toughest warriors, Aurelo and Paulo, make the stunning proposal to fight without weapons-only bare hands. Chesare agrees, and rather than \"to the death,\" encounters become battles to \"first blood.\" In the final match of the brutal and bloody evening, Chesare himself steps into the ring to face Aurelo once and for all. This challenge is to the death...
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