Nfl: Ultimate Nfl - Dvd

Nfl: Ultimate Nfl - Dvd
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With over 40 years experience and 100 Emmy awards to its credit, NFL Films utilizes new camera technology with its renowned storytelling prowess to present its most visually arresting film to date - the Ultimate NFL. Using a new camera which shoots up to 1,000 frames per second in high-definition, the game is depicted in a richly detailed super slow motion, giving a new perspective to America''s Sunday ritual. Experience a day in the life of professional football through a wide range of angles and speeds that go beyond what you see on game day. Discover the previously unseen physics of football and relive Super Bowl XLIV with thrilling never-before-seen footage. This DVD also presents an all-access tour of NFL Films studios that takes you inside the creative process of the most celebrated filmmakers in sports. With amazing footage and the legendary storytelling that is NFL Films'' trademark, this is the Ultimate NFL DVD for the Ultimate NFL fan.
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